Let the reel roll as New York City’s singer-songwriter Pete Francis releases The Movie We Are In. It’s cinematic: Francis explores the world through drawn-out figurines and focuses on life without the funky red and blue 3-D glasses. He fuses his powerfully descriptive lyrics with a new electronic component (think Ethiopian instruments with a hint of the Postal Service), though still remaining true to his past sound of acoustic guitar, bass, drums and B3 organ. The result: “a new musical landscape.”

Sometimes life does feel like a movie, but without the striking soundtrack. In 11 this-is-how-life-is tracks, Francis captures the beauty, the relentless parts, the adversity and the brilliance of life. He also comments on how “love shakes you down,” but at the end it’ll “light up [your] day.”

Francis explains that he’d “like to leave [the overall theme] up to the listener [because] hearing an album is similar to visiting a museum.”

With that said, Francis produces a very mellow album, with occasional uptempo, joyous grooves. Not surprisingly the tracks that are worthy of taking up some of your time are the fast-paced, jumpy ones like “Constant Fire,” “Love Shakes You Down,” “Light Years” and “Cartoon Sharks.”

Grade: C

The Movie We Are In is currently available.