The Americana blues-oriented trio Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band is probably the only Warped Tour group that performs bottleneck blues abetted by thumping washboard and a percussive bucket. On their latest release, The Wages, Peyton (guitar and vocals), his wife Breezy on washboard and his cousin Aaron “Cuz” Persinger on drums, crisscross country blues, backyard folk and swamp blues: Call it redneck rumble. This is undiluted music recorded with no overdubs, live in the studio on warm analog tape.

Peyton – who sounds like he gargled with turpentine – sings about the broken dreams, mayhem and misdemeanors and struggles of rural poor folks. On uptempo recession tirade, “Everything’s Raising,” and rambling “Just Getting By” Peyton regards the escalating costs of living. On the silhouetted blues tune “In a Holler Over There” Peyton describes poverty’s plight. But Peyton also celebrates rustic good times on rambunctious “Born Bred Corn Fed,” urgent “Clap Your Hands” and “Sugar Creek.”

Grade: B

The Wages is currently available.