It’s almost summertime, and oodles of people will be racing to the beach every day. It’s a free hangout, a pick-up scene, a respite from the madness of school and work and the ultimate place to cool off.

New York’s Jones Beach just happens to be one of the busiest stretches of sand, with more than six million visitors a year. People flock from New York and the suburbs (Long Island, baby!) to mix and mingle, dip and dunk.

Beginning in the early ’70s, photographer Joseph Szabo captured the chaos and calm by the sea. Gawk over tanned muscle men, shy teens, flashy and flirty suits, lovebirds, masses of sprayed hair and hot bods. Perusing these pics will have you laughing at’70s East Coast style and planning your next trip to the water’s edge.

Grade: A

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