Sometimes a singer-songwriter’s appeal doesn’t come from the music they play or even from the words they sing. Sometimes it’s more a case of the way the words are sung, and therein lays the appeal of Jurado’s work.

Jurado’s music is not flashy; it is stripped-down, basic stuff. His lyrics aren’t going to draw any comparisons to Dylan or Springsteen. But Jurado’s songs – mostly slow and mournful obliquely told tales – hold immense appeal because of the way he delivers his words.

On “Rachel & Cali,” for example, Jurado portrays a character that’s apparently agoraphobic and trying to lure one of these two women over to his place. At first this comes across as sad, like the guy is merely hopelessly lovelorn. But as the song develops – still with simple, plainly stated lyrics – things get downright creepy to where this guy could be a serial killer. And such is Jurado’s talent.

If you’re looking for happy sing-alongs you should look elsewhere. But if you like to interpret nuance while you listen, you’ll find plenty of scenarios here to work with.

Grade: B

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