The indie-electro pop sound can be found on No Second Troy’s latest album, Colors. If any album can pull it off, this has got to be the one. The bounce beat of the drum, trendy musical twists and Jeff Wharen’s wicked rock vocals give this album an edge so cool you don’t need to don a studded leather jacket and shades to rock to this.The album, comprised of 12 tracks, is a blend of multiple music styles – emotionally attached on one track, armored and beautifully scattered on the next.

The album really consists of nine songs total. It has a couple of instrumental shorts and one talking-that-ends-with-a-whaaaa! song, all that run for less than a minute.

The album starts to get kind of addictive the more you listen to the head-bopping, melodic numbers. The songs are nicely arranged; it starts off fast-paced, winds down to take a breather with an acoustic and then picks up again at the right place.

No Second Troy’s songs are like crayons in a box, you can pick at random and you can’t go wrong. Any color you pick delivers a strong, vibrant shade of artistic richness.

If you’re into Kings of Leon, the Fray or Young Love, then this is a must-have album. Go ahead, give this five-man band from Washington, D.C., a listen.

Grade: A

Colors is currently available.