On The Briggs’ third album, Leaving the Ways, Britain’s ’70s Oi scene finds a comfortable new home in suburban Southern California. Complete with perfectly situated chant-a-long choruses and thick guitars, the leather-and-studs sound that boils over on this brisk EP is packed with more energy than most full-lengths. The band’s days with the Warped Tour and on the road with peers such as the Casualties and Flogging Molly have paid off, revealing a tighter, stronger outfit, ready to tear down the walls of generic regurgitation that threaten to constrict punk rock.

Produced my Mighty Mighty Bosstones’ bassist Joe Gittleman, this record, The Briggs’ first for SideOneDummy, offers a slice of high quality punk rock that promises a vibrant, riotous live show. The six songs on Leaving the Ways – reminiscent of Sham 69, Blitz and later Rancid – may not be groundbreaking, but they’re far from stagnant. This album is a compelling move forward for a promising band already gaining fans from coast to coast.

Grade: B

Leaving the Ways is currently available.