On Destroyer of the Void, eclectic Americana ensemble Blitzen Trapper continue an exploration of folk, country and indie rock while frontman Eric Earley sings about individuals who seek deliverance in a world devoid of spiritual compassion.

During acoustic murder ballad “The Man Who Would Speak True,” a sequel of sorts to “Black River Killer,” the Camus-like character tries to communicate what he doesn’t feel. On Dylan-esque “The Tree” – a radiant duet with Alela Diane – denouement and existence form an endless circle that eliminates personal choices. On the Beatles-tinted folk-pop tune “Below the Hurricane” the protagonist thieves what he can – dreams, devotion or convictions – from those who trust him. The quintessential track is Stones-ish rocker “Love and Hate,” where desire and death are inevitable bedmates.

While this release isn’t as effective as 2008’s Furr – there are bits of filler toward the back end – the members of Blitzen Trapper show they are more than just another roots-oriented outfit.

Grade: B

Destroyer of the Void is currently available.