If you’re into indie folk (especially if you like it with a rock twist), then you’ve already heard of Delta Spirit. If you haven’t, then you absolutely need to check out this band’s sophomore album, History from Below.

Much like their debut album, History is a soulful album that is equal parts indie rock, folk and Americana blues, with that touch of pained emo that manages to make the whole album awesome without making it sound too country. Seriously, with a sound like theirs, their music sounds like it’s straight out of Oklahoma, instead of from San Diego.

With songs about love and, unexpectedly, about actual historical occasions, History is a perfect mix of heartfelt lyrics, solid storytelling and bluesy hooks. Be sure to check out the album’s single, “Bushwick Blues” (if you haven’t found it online already), the powerfully slow “White Table” and the epic “Ballad of Vitaly” for a taste of that historical sensibility. On the whole, although History doesn’t show off anything really new, it’s still everything that Delta Spirit does best, and who can argue with that?

Grade: A-

History from Below is currently available.