Cheer up and get musical with “Glee”’s latest release, Showstoppers. Yeah, it’ll get you dancing. It’ll get you singing along à la Julie Andrews with a modern twist. These 14 cover songs are all sung by the “Glee” cast, and they will have you feeling the Broadway dazzle in no time.

“Glee” has brought back the wonder and craze of musicals. If you’ve watched the show, this third soundtrack make you recall the scenes attached to every song, from the episode where men dance in tight leotards while Olivia Newton-John and Sue (Jane Lynch) get “Physical” to the choir’s dramatic Lady Gaga spectacle of “Bad Romance.”

If you’re only a newbie to the show, no sweat, this assortment of songs can still be appreciated without an expert background in “Glee”’s past episodes. If you like the Beatles, listen to their take on “Hello, Goodbye.” If the ’80s are your thing, then you can dance to their version of the Men Without Hats’ popular hit, “Safety Dance.” If you want to go contemporary, this glee club has you covered with their edition of the All-American Rejects’ “Gives You Hell.”

Grade: A

Showstoppers is currently available.