And so Rooney left good ol’ Geffen Records behind and said g’bye to their good ol’ friend Matthew Winter, ex-bass player and future doctor. They’ve found a shiny new bassist, making them once again a quintet, and now Rooney release a third album all on their own: their own label, own rules. And Eureka! They’ve pulled out all the stops.

To those who have been following Rooney, this album has been long awaited. To those who haven’t, well, let’s just say it’s time to get in tune with Robert, Taylor, Louis, Ned and the new bass playa.

The L.A.-based rock band delivers a 12-track album that’s energetic, fun, genuine and out-of-the-box cool. They sprinkle various genres into their songs. There’s a bit of blues, classic rock, rock and pop, but there’s still that Rooney-fied sound of surf riding waves and upbeat, catchy-like lyrics.

It’s not bogus music. These guys have something with real substance to say. They address various themes, which include love, dreams and world unity. Listen to their lyrics. Go ahead and fall in love with their melodies.

This band is placing bets on themselves, and we’re betting on them, too. We’re betting that you’ll like their new style, and we’re calling it now: This independent rock group has potential to be well on their way to massive success.

Grade: A+

Eureka is currently available.