OK, so we all know what bands resulted in At the Drive In, and if you don’t, you need to go back and do your research before you get your in-the-know club membership card and embroidered jacket.

Knowing that, it’s understandably hard not to compare original band A with byproduct band B or C. But listening to ATDI in all its greatness is one of those magical experiences that makes you forgot any preferences or prejudices you’ve got this way or that.

On this compilation of the cult-respected band’s greatest hits, rarities and covers, Cedric Zavala-Bixler’s vocals are as epic and artfully weird as ever, while guitarists Jim Ward and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez flawlessly compliment each other with their respective rock and funk styles. Bassist Paul Hinojos’ heavy bass lines bring everything together, melding with Rodriguez’s strumming for that signature genius-level cohesiveness and experimental musicianship. Add in their Pink Floyd cover of "Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk" and you’ve got yourself the soundtrack for your next major drug binge.

Much as listening to an ATDI compilation may make you miss the olden days, at the same time it really makes you appreciate where these musicians all came from and why they’re so important to rock today. Looking at the collective of their careers also makes you realize just how far the band came in the short span of their time together and how great of an artistic vision they had from so early on.

Grade: A

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