At one point during "The Making of Songs for Silverman" documentary on the DVD side of this DualDisc, Ben Folds playfully shouts, "Who you callin’ a nerd-rocker, baby?" Obviously the man with the studious looks and the perfectionist attitude doesn’t mind the moniker one bit.

But there’s no stuffiness here, and one of the most endearing songs is one that Folds wrote for his daughter, "Gracie." He lets his little girl know that she’s never going to get over on daddy with the quip, "You can’t fool me/I saw you when you came out!"

Songs for Silverman sees Folds working with accompaniment again after a solo disc and several solo Internet-only EPs, and the contribution of Jared Reynolds (bass) and Lindsay Jamieson (drums) adds to the music’s all-in-a-dream ambiance. The pair also has some well-chosen spots to harmonize with Folds, most notably on the chorus of "Jesusland" and in the background on "Time" where Folds’ pal "Weird" Al Yankovic joins the soaring voices.

Grade: A

Songs for Silverman is currently available.