Should you happen to be in San Bernardino and hear a mighty thunder coming from the east – don’t worry. The only storm a-comin’ is manufactured by Dog Faced Gods, rockin’ the world from their headquarters on the San Manuel Reservation.

Their story of unrequited love on "Desperately" has a bit of a singsong feel that imparts a Native American influence, but that’s pretty much where the heritage thing ends. These cats would rather you trace their roots back to Molly Hatchet, Black Sabbath and the like.

It’s not easy doing a Lynyrd Skynyrd cover, but the Gods bust Skynyrd’s "Simple Man" wide open as Ray Whiteowl sings hopeful lyrics over a smoldering guitar track laid down by Snakeyez Torres. Torres rips it up on all 15 tracks on Stoned Council and pulls the weight of three guitarists on what will no doubt become an in-concert favorite, "Water Pipe Bong."

Grade: A

Stoned Council is currently available.