Your father has spent the last however many years taking care of you, whether it was changing your diapers, teaching you how to drive or giving your broke-ass money. After starting out with a full head of dark hair, which is now either gone or gray, he probably needs a drink. Or 10. Here are some spirits that can help lift his spirits this Father’s Day (June 20).

If you can’t afford to take your father to the tropics, then bring the tropics to him with UV Coconut Vodka ( UV Coconut Vodka is an all-natural, coconut-flavored vodka, distilled four times and carbon filtered. Sweetened with a bit of natural, cordial-grade cane sugar from Florida, it’s the world’s first naturally flavored, white-colored coconut vodka on the market. With Fourth of July just around the corner, you can make it a two-fer by making a UV Firecracker. Layer 1/3 UV Blue, 1/3 UV Coconut and 1/3 grenadine in a shot glass and voila, you can celebrate your father and your freedom at the same time.

OK, so your dad doesn’t like coconut, but has a sweet tooth and wants to toss back a few. How about a root beer float – the adult version? Three Olives ( has 18 different flavors of vodka, including root beer and vanilla. Mix the two together and you have a much-improved version of the classic soda shop favorite. Be forewarned, though, that too much, too fast will result in something worse than just an ice cream headache.

So your dad has a sweet tooth with an edge, but doesn’t want to toss back a few (though he does like the bourbon). Then Maker’s Mark ( has just the gift for you – Maker’s Mark Bourbon Chocolates with a rich nougat center laced with Maker’s Mark and crowned with a single toasted pecan. You can upgrade the box of chocolates with a Maker’s Mark Gourmet Lovers Basket containing, among other things, bourbon chocolates, gourmet sauce and bourbon cherries.