Pororoca (the longest rideable tidal wave on earth or Tupi for a “great, destructive noise”), in ways, lives up to its name; all it does is build up to a moment, but the break never arrives. Famed violinist/technologist/first person certified in Ableton software in the world, Laura Escudé, brings her undoubted skills to this debut. It’s filled with ambient underwater-landscape-inspired beats, but the effort lacks any breakout moments.

Headphones are a must if this album is to be enjoyed at all. Many small sounds and layers create a rich environment for Escudé’s beats, and they can easily be lost without the right equipment.

Overall, the effort creates a lot of tension, but with the right mood, the album can be pleasing and frustrating at the same time. Ultimately, it depends on how mellow you’re feeling to give Pororoca the attention it demands.

Grade: B

Pororoca is currently available.