The playful, troublemaking “4 Clowns” offer a night out you won’t soon forget. The “4 Clowns” are thrillingly unique, and you could possibly leave asking, “Did that really just happen?”

The show follows hints of structure, but the majority is merely improvisational. After every few scenes, the clowns actually break into spontaneous song. Among the crowd favorites are the impromptu tunes seemingly titled, “Cancer and Dying Babies” and “From Childhood to Adulthood: Adolescence.”

“4 Clowns” has moments of extremely clever humor followed by what I can only describe as dead airtime. Yet, despite the few quiet times of discomfort, there are a multitude of laughs.

The Sad Clown (Alexis Jones) is by far the funniest. Her timing is perfect, and she has the whole package. The comedienne has a lot of tricks up her sleeve and brings some remarkable one-liners to the show.

The Nervous Clown (Amir Levi) is also adorable, and you continually want to give him a hug. The Mischievous Clown (Quincy Newton) and the Angry Clown (Kevin Klein) both remain true to their archetypes and are full of refreshing energy.

The most impressive of the group is actually the brilliant musical director, Ellen Warkentine. With no score to play by, she improvs on the piano, clarinet and melodica.

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