Beach bums, office nerds and everyone in between can appreciate Jack Johnson, especially in his latest release, To the Sea. Characteristically, it is full of laid-back, acoustic guitar melodies that will have you bobbing your head, as if you were actually at sea. Aesthetically, the album cover and frame made from recycled material are reminiscent of driftwood, which is appropriate given the album’s name.

The first song, “You and Your Heart,” is one of those songs with lyrics that you’re certain are trying to teach you something, but at first you’re not sure exactly what. With words like “You draw so many lines in the sand/lost the fingernails on your hands/how you gonna scratch any backs,” a lesson is hidden in there somewhere, but for now, it’s just a good song to wake up to in the morning. “Red Wine, Mistakes, Mythology” has a nice blend of harmonica, guitar and piano that will surely make for an all-bar karaoke song. “My Little Girl” is a heartwarming serenade with just his soothing voice and beautiful guitar.

Just like his previous work, To the Sea is full of what we have come to expect of Johnson, however, it is this consistency that allows us to trust in him and his music.

Grade: A

To the Sea is currently available.