While Grace Bellury, the singer-songwriter of Lille, may have a sweet voice, there is nothing small about her sound. The richness of her vocals adds the distinctive tones of a jazz singer to the catchy indie rock tunes on Tall Shoulders.

This five-song EP features track after track of instantly alluring tunes that marry melancholy and rock. From the simple xylophone and scratchy guitar opening of “Straw,” the listener is bathed in mesmerizing melody that punctuates the biting lyrics with the elegant simplicity of the instrumentation. The album shifts easily into “Robert Cohn” and “Melancholera” as the instruments slowly blossom behind the vocals. By the time we reach “Blue Coat Boy,” the instruments have moved into the forefront.

The only complaint that could come out of this beautiful EP is that its sweet taste will leave you craving more.

Grade: A

Tall Shoulders is currently available.