Does music have room for another blonde diva? Swedish siren Robyn is back with Body Talk Pt. 1, the first installment of three albums, and after having her party explode in our ears, the answer is, “Hell yeah.” As a teen-pop sensation, she was marketed to be the next Christina Aguilera, and as a 31-year-old man-eater, she’s creating her own rules on the dance floor.

Imagine being abducted by a “digitally chic titanium mama” who sweeps you into her UFO nightclub where she commands you to dance – and you proudly do. That’s exactly what listeners can expect from the eight-track collection that’s short, yet deliciously sweet.

“Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do” is a declaration of independence pumping ghostly synths and plenty of attitude, whereas “Fembot” unites Robyn’s freestyle rapping with computerized blips as the icy songstress attempts to put a pause on her human urges. Then there’s “None of Dem,” a tribal chant that puts audiences under Robyn’s spell. Not even drugs get her high, yet she manages to entrance us.

After hearing Body Talk Pt. 1 in one sitting, listeners will happily devour what Robyn is willing to feed them next.

Grade: A

Body Talk Pt. 1 is currently available.