First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage. If you ask 100 different couples for the correct formula to marriage or greeting parenthood, you’ll likely hear 100 different answers.

In their Tony award-winning musical, Richard Maltby, Jr. and David Shire tell a charming story of three couples in completely different circumstances, except one: They’re all expecting! What’s more is that the three couples all choose to go through with their pregnancies.

Ensuring a suspenseful show, each set of lovebirds faces major complications along the way. A temporarily long-distance relationship, a pregnancy after 40 and an overly ambitious plan for parenthood all add up to a chaotic ride for these six.

The Group Rep is enormously fortunate to welcome Emily Thompson (Lizzie) to its stage. Thompson perfectly matches grace with an abounding talent. With skill and tremendous energy, Thompson portrays Lizzie impeccably.

Her endearing counterpart, Robert Allen (Danny), also gives a noteworthy performance. The two make a fantastic couple on stage.

Dana Abrams (Pam) is an actress who’s fun to watch as well. She has an immense presence that is enviable.

“Baby”’s score is richly thoughtful with unforgettable melodies. If you attend for no other reason, it will be worth your money to witness Thompson perform “The Story Goes On,” the tear-jerking finale to act one.

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