Good smells for your dorm room never go out of style … especially in the summertime when heat rises and your roommate’s dirty laundry smells especially bad. New lines For Every Home and For Every Body’s organic odor-absorbing candles and powders look pretty in their packages, but I wasn’t sure if they could truly deodorize my home. I tried the For Every Sportsman spray in my living room and the For Every Pet spray on my dog’s bed.

For Every Sportsman was created with fishermen in mind, so it’s made to cover even the strongest odors. The first thing I noticed was the spray does not necessarily spray; it’s more of a stream. That can get a little messy if spraying on couches (streaks, but thankfully no stains), or if you have hardwood floors like I do, they can get a bit slippery. What I did like is that the aromas from both products were gentle and pleasant, and the fresh smells stayed in the living room for the entire day. In addition, you can get the soy, earth-friendly candles layered with signature scents like the grassy Mother Earth, the sweet Cucumber Mint, Sweet Lilac and Sunflower.

Chairman Becky Anderson studied chemistry in college, and she used her knowledge of ingredients and non-toxic elements to create her line. For Every Body has an extensive range of body washes, gels and lotions, and the Home line has everything one might need for a floral, fresh or blend of scents you desire for your house. The products are inexpensive, ranging from about $9 to $20, and a little goes a long way.

For Every Body and For Every Home can be found at Kohl’s, Home Depot, Lowe’s and the Hallmark store.  You can also purchase online at