For most college students, coffee is the elixir of life, and considering its magical energy-giving qualities, it’s no wonder why. But if you think that Seattle is the coffee Mecca, you might want to adjust your satellites and check out the Dallas-based Sanani.

It’s already (semi) common knowledge that while much of today’s great coffee comes from Latin America, coffee actually originated in Africa, and the first coffee beans to be traded were grown in Yemen, where Sanani sources all of its coffee. Which means that even though Sanani as a company has only been around for three years, the beans they send out are from the oldest coffee-growing area in the world.

On top of that, because the coffee is grown at such a high altitude, unlike most South American coffee plants, Sanani’s beans come from 100 percent organic farms. No seriously, it would actually cost the farmers more to get all the fertilizers and pesticides up to the beans than to just grow them naturally.

You can definitely taste the difference. Sanani only produces mocha coffee, but this dark, delicious brew is not the overtly chocolate, burnt-tasting stuff you’ll find at your local corner coffee shop. Even though there is no chocolate sauce or cocoa powder involved in any part of Sanani’s process, the end result is still something rather magical. Straight out of the box, the coffee is aromatic with an earthy, herbal-y, slightly acidic scent that doesn’t smell like any other coffee you’ll find at the grocery store.

Sanani can only be bought online right now, and an 8.8-ounce box is a little pricey at $24. But it’s absolutely worth every penny. And with free samples available in every grind, what’s not to love?

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