The Good Listeners make some of the best music you’ve never heard. I’m not exactly sure why they haven’t gotten as much press as they deserve, and they’re not sure either, but with the release of their documentary, Don’t Quit Your Daydream, we take a journey with Nathan Khyber and Clark Stiles as they narrate how the band began and mull over their musical future and aural odyssey with local musicians from different walks of life. Filmed over a month, the duo travel across the United States and meet up with a local musician at each stop for a jam session.

Starting in Joshua Tree, Calif., they meet Bingo, a minimalist with a keen sense of vocal harmony. He takes them to the famed Integratron, an acoustic dome of – literal – biblical proportions. There, they lay in the structure and improvise melodies and lyrics, and before the end of the day, they’ve created and recorded a song.

One of the most profound statements of the movie comes from their first collaborator in Joshua Tree, who utters, “Just do what you really love to do, because that’s what you’re best at.”

The best parts of Daydream are glimpses into their minds when a note or lyric turns into melodies. When they enter a metal shop in New Mexico, they look at sheet metal and think about how they can integrate it into their music; as it turns out, a complete stranger integrates himself into their jam session and an amazing but sad track is produced. The art gallery owner/video game genius in Texas took what might be one of the most innovative approaches to music I’ve ever seen.

With their new album of the same name releasing in conjunction with the movie, the Good Listener’s “daydream” will soon become a reality, and they’ll finally get the recognition they deserve.

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