Punk roots are brought to life with this debut by L.A.-based Christ Vs. Warhol. The first thought that comes to mind is early Joy Division, only more angry and fronted by a female.

Lyrically, the songs speak to all aspects of life and really grip the listener. Supported by furious guitars and bass, the songs move forward and provide more depth than typical ’80s throwback punk. The arrangements keep from becoming mundane and breathe new life into a sound that has been done again and again.

When it comes to the percussion aspect of the Christ Vs. Warhol sound, the production of the CD really adds to the feel. Being a self-made CD, it doesn’t have all of the low-end and mids that an expensive studio album would have, and that’s a bonus. The dirty feel comes off as you would imagine it would in a live concert. Giving just a taste of the live feel is the perfect subtlety to leave the listener with because it will make them want to catch the real thing when it hits their town.

Grade: A-

Dissent is currently available. Christ vs. Warhol perform July 10 at Bar Sinister.