Wake up all you Los Angeles night owls! It’s time to get up, down and moving to the Blue Pages’ EP, Night Hawke. In with the neon legwarmers, high-waisted jeans, velcro wallets and dark shades, their six that’s-so-’80s tracks are good for ’em. If there’s anything Los Angeles is best known for, it’s partying it up with dancing tunes, and the Blue Pages definitely represent at a mid-range level.

Some of the lyrics are cheesy, like “Hey, girl I’m checking you out ... I’ve seen you ’round before ... Hey, little mama won’t you dance with me tonight,” but what they lack in one-of-a-kind lines, they make up for in trendy, jolly beats, which are a MUST for any dance, pop-tronic album that’s worth swaying and getting low to, or swigging beers to.

Don’t expect something Lady Gaga-like out of these newbies with their EP, but the band falls one short step over Hellogoodbye and more than a few steep steps below Metro Station.

Grade: C

Night Hawke is currently available.