After waiting nearly a decade for this comeback album, fans held tight to their hopes for more of the same STP magic that flooded the airwaves in the ’90s with unforgettable anthems like “Interstate Love Song” and “Plush.” Brushed with a full palette, the band bends genres with their range of colors, tones and textures. From rowdy bar room rock to summer volleyball pop; speckled with bits of glitzy ’70s glam and smidgens of country twang, this treasure more than fulfills those hopes.

Amid the sonic diversity, the unmistakable STP sound purrs like a well-tuned muscle car. At the heart of it is their gift for combining catchy hooks with bittersweet melodies and guitar work that flirts with a sexy Southern drawl. Standouts include the lush Beatlesque rocker, “Dare if You Dare,” the wistful, piano-trimmed “Maver,” the excellent “Take a Load Off” and “Peacoat,” with its seductive, soaring chorus that draws you in like a long sip of bourbon.

Grade: A

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