Step right into the discotheque to This Is Happening and “dance yourself clean.” This is the latest dance, electronic album out by the LCD Soundsystem. Its eclectic, unique sound sucks you in and puts you in a kind of light trance that you’ll either like or dislike. It sort of feels like you took one very long trip to Urban Outfitters with no dough. You’re just sort of walking past the disarray of graphic T-shirts, messy sale section and looking for a size while trying to get those darn tangled black plastic clothing hangers in order (which depending on your day’s mood can be annoying).

This album is somewhat happening for the first two minutes (OK, first three minutes) of some of the songs. When a track is nearly 10-minutes long, repetitive chorus lines can become tawdry and tedious, and out-of-this-world jingles can become horribly bothersome to the ear. Some of the songs though pull through and survive. Seriously, an imaginary trip to the Urb-store can be nice and smooth, just make sure to get these songs blasting out of whatever sound system you’re working with: “All I Want,” “I Can Change,” “You Wanted A Hit” and “Home.” Yes, these are the very best out of the nine tracks.

Grade: C-

This Is Happening is currently available.