There is just one word for Gogol Bordello’s newest release, and that is simply a resounding YES! Much like previous albums, Trans-Continental Hustle is the epitome of gypsy punk: the rushing violins, the Engrish and Russian lyrics, the revolutionary spirit …

The band has gained initial notoriety because of songs with off-the-wall lyrics like “Start Wearing Purple,” but there are few whimsical songs on Hustle. While this means that I can’t pick a song to play in my car that will make my friends stop and ask, “What did he just say?” the album is impressively tight, showcasing the punk stylings and bringing out the Eastern European spirit in a delicate balancing act that Gogol Bordello carries out with perfection.

Hustle has a good mix of irresistibly catchy (“Pala Tute”), slower power ballad (“Sun Is On My Side”) and good old revolution inspiring (“Raise the Knowledge”), and you end up with an obviously more refined album from a band that is honing their message without taking the fun out of the process.

While the band is proving that they’re “comin’ rougher every time” (as they proclaim in one of their songs) don’t worry, Hustle provides “maximum surprise.” In a good way, of course.

Grade: A

Trans-Continental Hustle is currently available.