The creators of "South Park" have made something truly memorable with Team America: World Police, which lampoons the war on terror, Jerry Bruckheimer films and whole lot more via marionette puppets. Unfortunately, while the puppets and sets are extremely impressive, somebody dropped the ball in the satire department.

Police takes jabs at everything, but they’re usually no better than the kind of material a middle school kid could muster. Not too funny, and not even terribly offensive unless you’re one of the many movie stars on the receiving end of a pretty harsh send-up of liberal Hollywood.

The arena rock soundtrack is pretty funny, though. And the puppet love scene is here in its uncut glory if you enjoy that sort of thing.

Extras: Nine behind-the-scenes features, deleted scenes, outtakes.

DVD Grade: C

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Team America: World Police: Uncensored and Unrated is currently available.