Tony Lucca’s Rendezvous with the Angels is one of the most refreshing CDs of the summer. Lucca’s thoughtfully crafted tunes make for an incredibly pleasurable listen.

He’s come a long way since his last album, Come Round Again. This album’s lyrics are fresh and enjoyable; Lucca proves himself to be a mature songwriter. The songs are meaningful without creating that bizarrely popular Debbie Downer sensation that too many singer-songwriters strive to achieve.

Rendezvous with the Angels is powerfully healing and soulful. Every song contributes something beautiful and melodic. “Like Love” and “Nobody But You” are among Lucca’s finest. With a stimulating cover of Billy Joel’s “Vienna” and appearances by Sara Bareilles and Lady Antebellum’s guitarist Jason Gambill, you’ll definitely want to give it a spin.