The latest compilation from innovative Parisian record label Kitsuné proudly carries on the tradition of trendsetting electronic music in France, à la Daft Punk, and the more ambient, Air. But it also serves as the bridge between Maison Kitsuné and the cutting-edge London-based magazine Ponystep.

With its fluid but diversified track list, Kitsuné x Ponystep evokes the stylish ambience of Ponystep parties where imagination runs free, time disappears and as one track blends seamlessly into the next, the dance energy comes alive and you melt into the magic of the night.

In electronica, the line between those who make music and those who play it is distorted, and it’s all too easy to make a mess, or fall into the pits of tedious, monochrome techno. Neither is the case here.

In the hands of DJ Jerry Bouthier, honest-to-goodness melody comes first. On the playlist are surprises like the old disco-era fav, “Mama Used to Say” – enjoyably remixed, but not over-mixed – and sweet treats like Munk’s “La Musica” – with its playful vocal tracks, echoed bass line and organ-synth riff all played in the key of happy.

Grade: A

Kitsuné x Ponystep is currently available.