The Gentle Guest returns with their signature blend of folk, punk, jazz and blues for their second album, Cast Off Your Human Form. This collection of clever tales set to catchy tunes may not be easily definable, but its mix of acoustic guitar, horns and raw energy delivers 12 intense tunes that are sure to become firmly stuck in your head and your heart.

Perhaps the greatest triumph in this collection of tunes celebrating friends in low places is how it captures the band’s intoxicating theatricality. This album spans both the emotional and instrumental spectrums as we are guided from the raucous, horn-heavy “Rumor Mill,” through the mournful jazz of “Death, She Comes” and back to a strange redemption in the guitar-driven gospel demon tale of “The Morning Star.” All of this is brought together through the clever lyrics, musical range and soulful voice of singer-songwriter Eric Rykal.

Grade: A

Cast Off Your Human Form is currently available.