With their sophomore album, the Stone Foxes give you another solid, rock ’n’ roll journey. When you hear their music, you know they have a strong sense of who they are, offering a modern twist on classic rock, with a bit of blues, country and pure rock ’n’ roll.

At times you get transported to another era, and if you close your eyes you can imagine that you’re listening to Creedence Clearwater Revival or Led Zeppelin with long instrumental breaks as on “Reno.” They demonstrate their more aggressive blues-rock side in the opening track “Stomp,” but slow it down on the aptly-titled “Easy.” The Stone Foxes even break out the harmonica on the song “Mr. Hangman.”

If you can imagine sipping a cold iced tea, sitting on a swinging chair on your porch with a nice cool summer breeze, that’s how some of their slower songs make you feel. I did, however, want a bit more originality and not such a throwback, but overall, their album has an authentic sound, which is nice to see from this native San Francisco band.

Grade: B

Bears & Bulls is currently available.