Danielle Fishel is a genuine, well-rounded and personable actress. Many people know Fishel as Topanga Lawrence of ABC’s wildly popular television show “Boy Meets World.” Vivid memories of the initial crush then full-blown love affair between Topanga and Cory still play in our minds.

It is not hard to figure out why Fishel was cast as Topanga, a character she played from 1993 to 2000. Like Topanga, Fishel is warm, bubbly and vibrant, all excellent qualities for a lifelong friend. She is self-assured, much like Topanga, and it is apparent that Fishel possesses the same shiny and lovable personality traits that we saw in Topanga. Not only did Fishel naturally portray Topanga as a down-to-earth peacekeeper, all-around American girl, but she was the ideal girl that no one could deny they wanted to be friends with. Since 2008, Fishel has been hosting “The Dish” on the Style Network. “The Dish” is satirical television that allows Fishel the chance to broadcast her smart and witty persona, work as herself in television and report on the daily happenings in television, film, fashion and Hollywood. Because Style is a sister channel to E!, “The Dish” is also related to pop culture-skewering shows like “The Soup,” “Web Soup” and “Sports Soup,” but with a biting sense of style and a bit more sass.

With segments like “Hot Dish” “F-Bombs” and “Let’s Go Shopping,” you can skip flipping through the supermarket tabloids and fashion magazines on your way through the checkout and instead tune in to “The Dish.” The show offers a plethora of laughable segments covering just about every subject pertaining to the entertainment industry.

Just watching one episode gets you accustomed to Fishel’s quirky mannerisms and the silly opportunities she has impersonating your favorite celebrity. If you are a fan of Lady Gaga and want an inkling of where she might be headed, then “Gaga Mega Tracker 10000” is a chance for you to catch up on the creative and sometimes zany movements of Gaga. For those who dart out the door before most become transfixed with the droning of morning talk shows and go to bed long before the late night broadcasts, “The Dish” has you covered with their “Daylight Cravings” and “Evening Indulgences.” These segments both encompass the day and night television broadcasts in hilarious and abbreviated versions.Not only does Fishel do a stellar job as the host for “The Dish,” but she is also currently a Psychology major with a specialized focus in marriage and family therapy. She has a strong work and study ethic that is obvious with all she does with “The Dish” and as a student carrying upwards of 18 units a semester.

Down the road, after obtaining her Master’s, Fishel hopes to open up her own practice to counsel couples and work with children of divorce. As a beacon to not only students currently enrolled in classes, but to those who wish they had the opportunity to go to school, Fishel exemplifies what true determination is. As an actress, TV host and full-time student, Fishel gives the best advice to those who feel they are unable to do a similar juggling act between work and school.

Personally, her advice is beyond fitting, showing how humble, helpful and grateful one person can be, and how brightly one person can light up a room with a little support.

“Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re the same inspiration you need to be,” says Fishel. “By the time you’re done with school, never underestimate your work experience and how much more it will mean to them even than that degree on the piece of your paper. The fact that you were able to dedicate yourself to both work and school, to get them both done and do them both well, is going to mean more than just the degree itself. Even with difficulties about it, you will get where you are going.”

“The Dish” airs Saturdays at 10 p.m. on Style Network.