Even though it might not feel like we’re more than halfway done with summer, it’s still important to keep your body, mind and spirit in that summer state of mind. I know it seems tough, especially with a busy schedule, but results can and will happen, and it only takes a “Power Hour.” Meet Angela Parker, the creator of Body Inspired Fitness, who promises to give you a “different kind of workout outdoors” with her signature style of fun with fitness.

For an hour, you, Angela, your iPod and a small group of students squat, lunge, run and push your way through scenic areas like the Santa Monica oceanfront and the famed San Vicente stairs.

“We tell everyone where to meet and what time, but that’s it,” says Parker. “They’re all in for a surprise!”

Breaking the monotony of your gym’s treadmill and elliptical machine routine, you get to work out while interacting with others, but it’s still personal since you have your music to help you power through. Parker takes the time before class to get to know you, your fitness likes, dislikes and goals.

I do find it’s easier to push myself when I’m listening to music and “in the zone,” and that’s one of Parker’s main goals – to make sure you not only enjoy yourself but expand your fitness level on the way.

If you’re looking for something along the lines of a boot camp, there are three “power hour” morning classes to choose from starting at 6 a.m. For six weeks you will burn the fat and boost your metabolism three days a week. This is not for the faint of heart as the class promises to “blast your body in the most efficient ways possible.”

The classes, specifically Angela’s “Power Hour” are budget conscious, with a small $10 fee for your first class. A series of classes runs about $100 for four sessions, which is a lot better than the deal you get at a smelly, confined gym.

For more information, visit bodyinspiredfitness.com.