Have you ever wondered, “What if?” Well, Mel Brooks answered his question, “What if Frankenstein had kids?”

The musical “Young Frankenstein,” set in a village in Transylvania, 1934, takes off with the passing of the “famous and infamous” Dr. Victor Frankenstein. The villagers rejoice in song, celebrating that the evil doctor’s monster can do no more harm. However, the doctor has left his castle and laboratory to the next remaining heir in his lineage, an heir whom the villagers plot to destroy.

Victor’s grandson, Dr. Frederick Frankenstein, is a well-respected surgeon teaching at a world-class medical university who has been trying to rid himself of the tainted Frankenstein name. He learns of his grandfather’s passing and is off to Transylvania to settle his will, leaving his touchy fiancée Elizabeth behind, expecting to only be gone for a short period of time. Once there he begins to discover the reality behind “the family business” and has to make the decision to continue his grandfather’s crazed work or to walk away and shame his ancestors before him.

This musical is laced with sexual and crude humor, pop culture references and cheap laughs. Characters often curse and use their vocal range to add humor to an otherwise average scene. However, the irony of having such characteristics in a musical based on a book written in the 1800s is what makes this piece so wonderful.

In addition to talented acting, singing and dancing, the musical has a brilliant orchestra, stage setting and special effects to match. Also, as a bonus, be sure to keep an eye out for special guest cameos from other famous Transylvanian monsters.

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