With the unpredictable economy, rising school costs and just the all-around craziness of the world, sometimes it can be hard to concentrate on treating yourself. Good thing cosmetics companies always have you in mind. Sure, it may seem like a trivial detail to choose what brand of skin cleansers, deodorant or hair spray you’re using. But in the long run, these things keep you looking and feeling your best so you can take on the day’s challenge or de-stress in the evenings. All of these products are made with you, the consumer, in mind, so take the time to enjoy them. Most of, if not all, these lines produce something for all of your needs, so if my suggestions are not quite your style, there’s plenty of other options from each company.  


Most likely you’ve heard of pioneering skin care Murad, but haven’t had a chance to try their products, as they are a little expensive. The Murad family has released a line geared toward the college crowd with Clean Scene (mycleanscene.com). This brand features the edible fruit yumberry, known for its powerful antioxidant properties.

The Clean Scene line has something for everyone – if you have oily skin stick to the Begging for Balance Oil-Free Moisturizer paired with the universal Craving for Clean Foaming Cleanser. The Down for Defense moisturizer features an SPF of 15 – that’s essential for those of us who burn easily (or if you’d like to prevent sun damage altogether). The pore-minimizing Gaga for Glow facial scrub is gentle, and probably best for your once-a-week deep cleaning.

Should you wake up with a blemish – which unfortunately happens more often than not to everyone – the Crazy for Clear Spot Treatment zaps that zit out almost as quickly as it began. All of the Clean Scene products are more than $24, but a little goes a long way.

When a late night is completely unavoidable, it doesn’t mean that you have to look like it. Keep a stick of Vichy’s Aqualia AntiOx Eyes (vichyusa.com) in your makeup bag. I’ve been using this for the past week, and the skin around my eyes is already looking more hydrated. It’s got a special “cold pack” effect, and the vitamins C and E that it contains immediately reduce puffiness. It’s good for all skin types, too. You can go to your local CVS for a sample.


Nothing makes me happier than clean-smelling hair, except for tangle-free, clean-smelling hair. Enter renowned stylist Peter Lamas’ Repair Me Detangling Mist (peterlamas.com). Certified organic and certifiably good for your hair, the goji berry-infused, leave-in conditioning treatment provides excellent body and keeps you tangle-free all day long. As with all Lamas products, it is vegan and does not contain sulphate of any kind. Nature is the way with these products, and they do a great job of keeping your hair in check.


Avalon Organics is no stranger to my house. I’ve never tried their deodorants though, as they come in spray form and sometimes that doesn’t seem like it’ll work very well. But the new natural spray deodorants from Avalon Organics (avalonorganics.com) are slowly winning me over. Right now, I’m using the Grapefruit and Geranium.

It’s OK, but I think next time I will try either the Lavender or the Cleary Sage and Lemon. The one I’m using smells good, but it contains a very high alcohol content, and that overwhelms the “natural” aromas of the fruit and flowers it’s trying to imbibe. Make sure to shake the bottle very well before use.

It takes some getting used to, as you need to spray it throughout the day to stay smelling fresh, but it’s organic! I am relegating this to my makeup bag as a quick pick-me-up if it’s a hot day or if I’m particularly stressed out.

An added bonus: The deodorant sprays can be used as a room refresher. A little goes a long way!