Los Angeles-based Snow & Voices is back on the scene with a new album, Anything That Moves. It alludes to the abstract outlines and the unpredictability of love. The twosome, Lauri Kranz and Jebin Bruni, capture the organic and sensual aspect of that feeling that heightens romance or dwells in devastation, through maudlin, fluid-like vocals and a chilled-out, dreamy substance underneath. Together, they create beautiful music. Singer-songwriter Kranz lingers through each of the nine songs with her soft breaths and sentimental pitch, while Bruni helps with the songwriting and takes charge of various instruments to give this album its lift.

It’s the kind of album that you’ll want to have playing somewhere in the background when you’re in love (“Maybe Finland”), finding or wanting love (“Please Be My Lover”), getting over love (“The Letting Go”) or when you don’t know where the love is going (“Everything Coming Apart”). The duo does a great job moving, enthralling and awakening emotions. They’re so good at it that a single run-through might lead to a couple of tears or to thoughts about your significant other. Snow & Voices’ lyrics and vocals will get you right in the gut. You’ve been warned.

Grade: B

Anything That Moves is currently available.