Those blaring sirens you just heard are a signal that the Tokyo Police Club are back on the scene with a much better indie rock force on their latest, Champ. The four-man crew has definitely matured out of their basement days and is ready to take any stage, festival and lit-up city. Dave Monks (singer, bassist), Graham Wright (keyboardist), Josh Hook (guitarist) and Greg Alsop (drummer) are full of vigor this time around, exposing listeners to indie music that’s on fire and on a level that many indie rock bands take albums to reach.

There’s something about the way this band sounds together that makes the songs full of quality and balanced out. Perhaps it’s Monks’ smooth, distinctive vocals, Wright’s key arrangements, Hook’s amplified chords or the way Alsop gives the songs a sort of hopping pulse with his drumming technique. Whatever that something might be, one thing’s definite: The Canadian band members were meant for each other. Their music talents blend so well it goes without saying when listening to some of their new tracks: “Favourite Colour,” “Boots of Danger (Wait Up),” “Bambi” and “End of a Spark.”

Packed with interesting lyrical material and boppin’ hooks, Tokyo Police Club are champs without a doubt.

Grade: A

Champ is currently available.