Jordan Witzigreuter (aka the Ready Set) has the goods to set off the bells of success: His hair is swept perfectly to the side, he has a keen fashion sense and, most importantly, he has smooth, cool-sounding pipes. With his debut full-length, I’m Alive, I’m Dreaming, the Indiana-born musician is ready for the realm of stardom.

Like any other person trying to make it big in the music biz, Witzigreuter worked his passion for music in various bands and found out that he wanted to go solo in order to pursue his own sound, which is comparable to a little bit of Metro Station with a chunk of Hellogoodbye and a drop of Allstar Weekend. Make sure to check out “Stays Four the Same” – an electronic, pop tune that shows his rapping speed and creativity. Justin Bieber, watch out.

Grade: A

I’m Alive, I’m Dreaming is currently available.