American Hi-Fi is back with an edgier album, Fight the Frequency. You’ve probably heard of them. Then again, maybe not since it has been way too long since their last release. Perhaps this will help: They had a hit pop rock song back in 2001 titled, “Flavor of the Weak.”

So, how’s the comeback? Well, they haven’t lost their flavor. Stacy Jones (singer/guitarist), Drew Parsons (bass), Jamie Arentzen (guitars) and Brain Nolan (drums) are still doing the pop rock thing, but their tunes are more expressive (“Lost”), addictive (“Fight the Frequency”) and grownup (“Where Love is a Lie”).American Hi-Fi deserve some space on your iPod. Download a free song (“Lost”) by visiting their MySpace and see why they haven’t completely lost their rock ’n’ roll juice.

Grade: B

Fight the Frequency is currently available.