Kelly Ogden, the singer for the wonderfully named trio the Dollyrots, can be quite catty when she chooses. And she’s clever while she’s flashing her claws too.

The chorus of “Big Mouth” finds Ogden slamming a would-be rival, singing with faux sweetness “Kissy kissy to a face/And stabby stabby on the case.” But then she moves in for the kill: “How’s this sound?/The vet should put you down!”

About half of the material on A Little Messed Up is in this vein; stinging, rocking guitar-filled power pop that owes a lot stylistically to the main woman behind the band’s label, Joan Jett. The remainder of the songs finds the Dollyrots going for a more mainstream audience as Ogden channels the likes of Gwen Stefani, Katy Perry (“Just Like Chocolate”) or Avril Lavigne (“California Beach Boy”). Fans playing along on air guitars to the raucous “Rock Control” may not dig the bubblegum-ish cuts here, but there’s little filler in this memorable made-for-summer album.

Grade: B

A Little Messed Up is currently available.