Syracuse, New York’s Ra Ra Riot present their second full-length recording that’s rich with sound and illustrative, colorful lyrics. The Orchard’s unique album photography is a breath of fresh air. It’s painted skies and clouds parting to let the resplendent orange sun set beneath the lush, grass hills. It’s expressive. It’s art.

The feel-good music hits every note right and creates a vibe that makes it worth repeating. Listening to the songs at full volume gives you a sanguine boost. The songs even work as great company when taking long, drawn-out walks in forest parks, lit-up cities or on golden sand beaches. Band members Milo Bonacci, Alexandra Lawn, Wes Miles, John Pike, Mathieu Santos and Rebecca Zeller make The Orchard more than just an album. Complete with guitar, cello, violin, drums, bass and wonderfully deep vocals, this release is love at first note.

Grade: A+

The Orchard is currently available.