We’ve all had fantasies about it. Some have even gotten orgasmic at the mere thought of it. Many of us are carrying our hope around in our back pockets this very minute. But only one in a large pool will ever be able to say they’ve “hit it.” It’s the lottery, fool – the little minx that teases us with the promise of a better life, eternal happiness and everything our hearts desire. For anyone who has ever wondered what they’d do if they won a massive amount of money, Lottery Ticket plays up the notion, with the help of an all-star cast.

The comedy stars rapper-actor Bow Wow as Kevin Carson. He’s like many other teens living in the projects, holding on to hopes of starting his own sneaker line. He isn’t a baller; he’s stuck in a dead-end job at Foot Locker and spends the rest of his time hanging out with his best friends, Benny (Tropic Thunder’s Brandon T. Jackson) and Stacy (Notorious star Naturi Naughton).

One fateful weekend, Kevin plays the numbers for his beloved grandmother (Loretta Devine). When her ticket fails to capture the $300 million jackpot, Kevin never banked on the fact that his own last-minute gambling purchase would win. Fortunately, he and his grandmother could use the help and waste no time dancing around their apartment to celebrate. Unfortunately, it conjures up a litany of issues that can best be summed up in the lyrics of Puff Daddy’s “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems.” Now Kevin must spend the entire July Fourth weekend evading the violent threats of a ball-busting ex-con (Gbenga Akinnagbe) who’ll do anything to take away his new fortune, while also protecting himself from the barrage of eager hands waiting for their slice.

Lottery Ticket comes to audiences by way of hip-hop mogul Ice Cube. The prolific former musician-turned-movie producer also has a part in the film, starring as Mr. Washington, a man who Kevin learns to rely on through his wild, life-changing weekend. Although Mr. Washington is years older than the star himself, Ice Cube loved delving into the chance to play the wise elder statesman of the ’hood.

“The old dudes I know still got their swagger,” he jokes, noting that he spent a lot of time following around his own father and studying his mannerism for helpful characterizations.

As for Bow Wow, whose own life mirrors the overnight success that his character endures, Kevin gave him the chance to look inward for his performance.

“There’s a lot of things I can relate to with Kevin,” says the 23-year-old. “When you make it from nothing to something, there’s a lot of things that can change in your life.”

One such rapid difference that most of the actors have encountered is how money and instant fortune can alter the actions of those around them – a common theme in Lottery Ticket. As news of Kevin’s sudden wealth erupts through the projects, he instantly becomes desirable to the same girl who turned down his advances the day before. His own preacher (played by Mike Epps) lobbies for a slice of the pie, in what can best be described as one of the funnier moments in the film. But the one parallel that most of the actors agree upon is the need to pay it forward.

Terry Crews, who portrays Jimmy the Driver, knows firsthand the joys that come from sharing one’s financial gifts.

“I was able to write a check to pay off my sister’s school bills,” notes the former NFL star. “She’s a lawyer now.” He even brought her on board to handle some of his personal legal matters.

So, would each of the stars be comfortable having a huge $300 million jackpot all to themselves? The answers might surprise you.

“I’m from Jersey – from the hood,” explains Naughton. “All that money? I might fall out like Loretta Devine!”

For Jackson, he wouldn’t mind the instant fortune; he would simply use his money for pleasure first, then philanthropy.

“I’m a big fan of [the movie] Titanic, so I would have Leonardo DiCaprio come and re-enact scenes from the movie,” he jokes, adding, “That’s too much money for one man to have, so I’d probably give back.”

Lottery Ticket releases in theaters Aug. 20.