Fantasia has one of the great voices of our time. As one of the winners of “American Idol,” sometimes you forget that she is pushed by “mainstream media.” Despite the reality shows and stories in the tabloids, on Fantasia’s third album, Back to Me, she sounds like an authentic woman.

“Teach Me,” a Bob Marley-inspired groove, asks for instructions on how to be her lover’s ultimate partner. By far this is the standout song, with Marley-like melodies that put you in a trance. On another notable track, “The Thrill Is Gone,” she runs the gambit of emotional turmoil caused by romantic relations with an older man, with the aid of Cee-Lo giving the older man’s point of view.

Back to Me is truly an album from a promising young singer, despite the punches pulled back because of the marketing machine.

Grade: A

Back to Me is currently available.