Does constantly pulling all-nighters studying or cramming for midterms and finals ever take its toll on your body? Do you struggle to get up the morning after with aches and pains? The problem may not be because of how long you study, but how you study.

Roger Lin is a determined parent who realized that bad posture could have adverse effects on your studies.

“Kids now spend so much time in front of their desk,” Lin says, “whether it be reading, writing or drawing. If my girl had to sit in front of a desk for eight to 10 hours, I want to make sure that she’s not tired, she can focus at the task at hand. She can learn better and be a better student while avoiding health issues.”Lin took on the daunting task of searching for and importing furniture that is conducive to studying.

“My little girl was three-and-a-half at the time. I looked far and wide and could not find an ergonomic desk anywhere. The product was available in Australia and the manufacturer was based in Germany. I contacted the distributor directly, trying to find a distributor or outlet in the United States, and there were none. So I ended up ordering my initial furniture for my daughter directly from Germany, and it literally took me more than six months. After that experience, I realized there is a market in the U.S., parents like me who want this type of furniture, that I could serve.”Lin is the C.E.O. of Posture in Style, a company the supplies ergonomic furniture that grows with you, a most fitting tagline that the vast majority of furniture companies cannot guarantee.

“I want to educate the rest of the population who may know about ergonomics from their professional life at work,” Lin says, “and they don’t realize that simply by taking this kind of furniture back home they can also help their kids get a head start on their health and not have to worry about it afterward.”

When Lin highlights the statistics about this persistent yet oft-overlooked problem, it is easy to see why people tend to think their study problems lie elsewhere.

“Eight out of 10 adults in the U.S. experience back pain sometime in their life and one out of five children have back issues, and the statistics go further to state one out of three children has good posture. You can make a link that if you have good posture as a child, you not only save yourself from health issues as a child, but you also prevent back issues when you’re older.”

The furniture at Posture in Style is also quite versatile for just about every user, no matter what age.

“The desktops tilt depending on the action the user wants,” explains Lin. “It can also be used as a drafting table. Children’s tastes change every year, so the desk comes with multiple colors. You get six colors when you order the desk and the parents don’t have to worry about the child not liking the desk anymore. All you have to do is switch out the colors and switch out the cushion cover and voilà, a new desk for the child. It’s always fresh and goes along with their tastes. It’s a great investment for parents who do care about their child’s education.”Posture in style not only offers furniture for children and adolescents but also for adults.

“I have adults coming to me asking, ‘Hey, does this work for adults?’ and the answer is, ‘Yes!’ The furniture is designed to take a child from preschool to high school and onward. It definitely works for adults.”

Check out their Web site or stop into the showroom. Your back will thank you in the months and years to come, and when you finally walk across the stage during your commencement, hold your head high and try not to look down on those who’ve fallen asleep because of late-night cramming for finals.

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