It was like sex, except with instruments involved. The Velvet Teen, the Bay Area’s very own indie darlings, performed with the fervor and resilience of a devoted lover. There were closed eyes, swaying bodies and buckling knees involved – and that was just the band. As part of the audience, I had the pleasure of soaking up all the sweet loveliness that is The Velvet Teen.

The band’s members kept the show in high spirits by intermingling witty banter with life-affirming music. Between songs, fans were entertained and bewildered by phrases such as, "Fuckin’-A, we take Dayquil at night. We don’t give a shit about it!"

In stark contrast, songs like "Penicillin" and "Forlorn" off the band’s newest release, Elysium, filled the room with soaring, mind-blowing harmonies, making simple keyboards, drums and bass lines into the sweet musical combinations. The Velvet Teen possess that certain "something" that makes fans feel like their truly living in the moment.

Openers for the night, Love Lies and The Actual (latest album, Songs on Radio Idaho), provided the proper build-up toward the show’s obvious climax, The Velvet Teen. While both opening bands were noteworthy in their own right, The music of The Velvet Teen turned out to be one orgasmic musical experience.