Say goodbye to the tedious, fat-packed college fast-food meals and howdy to Rhonda Lauret Parkinson’s new book, $5 a Meal College Cookbook: Good Cheap Food for When You Need to Eat. All you need is a $5 bill, some groceries and a hungry stomach. That’s right, with a Lincoln (sometimes even less than that!) you’ll be munching on something like a chicken Creole sandwich or a decadent chocolate fondue.

With the economy not being so hot right now, this wallet-friendly recipe book offers over 300 easy-to-make dishes. This book covers everything from out-of-bed morning meals, snacks, lunchtime entrées, desserts, frozen food fixers, ideas for yesterday’s leftovers and even impressive date-night meals. The book’s delicious recipes will have you trading Cheetos for healthy meals.If you ever want to give the kitchen a try without the blender splattering who-knows-what all over the place and flour dusting all over your face, this book will help you master basic cooking skills, and soon you’ll be broiling, basting, deglazing, blanching and dicing like a chef de cuisine.

Grade: A

$5 A Meal College Cookbook is currently available.