College sure does pave the way for many social opportunities. It’s the place where you take notes in class or send a text over to a pal when class isn’t necessarily captivating your attention. It’s the place where you might gain a few pounds or shed them while taking up a self-defense class. It’s also the place where you mingle. College Sex, edited by Michael Bruce and Robert M. Stewart, is a book about just that – sex and college. The writers take the philosophy route with the broad subject. They dissect every issue relating to the sexual practices of college students. They ask the big questions:

– Should we condone relationships between students and teachers?

– Do students’ sexual acts need to involve love in order to have value?

– Why is college a socially acceptable space for experimentation?

The sex and philosophy combo might seem like a peculiar mix, but as you flip and through the book’s sections (freshman year, sophomore year, junior year and senior year), it’s plausible to see how Socrates, Nietzsche, Aristotle and sex are closely connected with one another.

Grade: B

College Sex is currently available.