Joshua Jay’s new book shows why tricks aren’t only for kids. The former champion at the World Magic Seminar is back with a new book, Joshua Jay's Amazing Book of Cards. Complete with easy-to-follow instructions, vibrant pictures and a DVD, this card whiz will have you shuffling, flourishing and even using an ace of spades for a self-defense technique in no time. If anyone can get you stunting and hustling with style, it’s this guy.

Jay keeps the step-by-step presentations light, making it easier on the reader to follow along. Some tricks even include the DVD icon, which, if you’re a beginner, makes it easier to shadow Jay’s exotic, fancy card moves. Keep in mind that most of the flashy tricks will take a manageable amount of practice, but you might be lucky and strike victory in a few attempts or even upon first try.

Throughout the chapters, Jay includes a bit of card history, quick quizzes, trivia and memorable quotes from card masters. It’s a book that might make you reach for it more than a few times a day. It’s also a book that keeps on giving (Learn a few bets you can’t lose.). Jay describes his passion for playing cards as “addictive,” and looking through this book and reading the introduction will have you hooked on the magic of the endless possibilities with a pack of cards.

Grade: A

Joshua Jay’s Amazing Book of Cards is currently available.